Landscaping  of small and medium gardens

List of Services

  • Lawns by sowing
  • Laying grass in rolls (immediate result)
  • Any planting of hedges, shrubs and plants
  • Creation of beds
  • Placement of retaining walls in azobé  to make a solid  and very durable wall. Perfect for water rooms, etc ...
  • Placement of oak and concrete sleepers  
  • Placement of  Azobe Lamella, ideal for lawn borders and wickerwork in combination with azobé stakes.
  • Placement of borders (wood, concrete, plastic)
  • Small earthworks with small excavator
  • Creation of gravel parkings
  • Supply and display of various kinds of gravel
  • Chestnut fences and doors
  • Various metal fences (Panels, Welded fences, Single twist fences, Hexagonal and square mesh fences
  • Doors and portallies made of metal wood
  • Panels to fill Gabion
  • Wooden panels

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